Online Field Report: Pursuit C 340 Center Console

March 2008
Exclusive photos from FS staff.

A complete redesigning of the materials and engineering of the transom to support and maximize performance of twin 350 engines marks the distinctive difference in the 2008 Pursuit C 340, a brawler and a powerhouse craft. ItÂ’s an offshore center console for hard-running pelagic action, and the anglers at Pursuit put it to its paces in last yearÂ’s SKA circuit, placing high in a number of tournaments and running upwards of 300 miles each way for their days of tournament fishing. Engineers at Pursuit have redesigned and strengthened the transom to support the torque of the new engines.

L.O.A.: 34’5”
Beam: 9’6”
Hull Draft (motors up): 1’10”
Hull Draft (motors down): 2’6”
Fuel capacity: 371 U.S. gallons
Approx. Dry Weight (with twin 250s): 9,685 pounds
Max. Horsepower: 700
Holding Tank cap.: 10 U.S. gallons
Water capacity: 30 U.S. gallons
Clearance to top of Hard-Top (from waterline): 9’4”
Clearance to top of windshield (from waterline): 6’9”
Deadrise: 24.5 degrees

“ We discovered that these 350 engines have a higher center of gravity, but due to their higher thrusts we wanted to optimize the geometry of the motor and maximize its performance with a new design. We used new materials and a new enfusing process to build the transom and to engineer that performance. We’re trying to eliminate the deck from any structural load and let the transom carry it all,” said one of the boat’s primary designers. There are a lot of noteworthy performance features in this boat that deserve a closer look.

“ This setup will run as fast or faster than most of the triple-engine setups, up to 275 horsepower triple engine setups, but it will burn about 35 gallons an hour less in fuel,” said the Pursuit engineer. The C 340 has a 371 gallon total fuel capacity.

Practical concerns are at the top of PursuitÂ’s list of priorities for its boats and customers. Fittingly, the C 340 has a host of design features that its makers believe will enhance the ease and enjoyment of using it, wherever your adventures take you. The fuel access hatch gives easy access to the top of the fuel tank controls and the fuel management system, by which anglers can control which engine feeds off which of the boatÂ’s four tanks. This system lets you manage the fuel use depending on sea conditions to balance the boat better in various sea states and for performance.

Here are the easily accessible fuel filters next to the fuel control system.

“ For a long time now, we’ve been continually working to give anglers maximum access to all their electronics and radar and batteries and equipment panels and controls, and we feel like we’ve come pretty close to granting complete access with this boat’s designs,” says Michelle VonGerichten, manager at Pursuit.

Panels for access to radar and other electronics equipment in the step down console hatch.

Double sided gaskets with a molded-in basket recess, finished on both sides are state of the craft for durability and longevity.

Power steering can be eliminated with a flick of the switch if the driver prefers manual steering. “One notable thing that we did with the power steering was that we made it optional, because in certain sea conditions the boat will perform better without the power steering, so we give captains that option. The other thing is, when you’re trolling, you can turn that pump off and conserve the draw on the battery.” Beyond its incredible power, the C 340 is a roomy, comfortable, smartly-laid out fishing animal, clearly imprinted with the desires of guys who like to fish hard, even in extreme conditions. Its fishability is immense and absolutely one of the C 340’s most attractive qualities.

The boat sports 6 gunnel rod holders and 20 others around the boat. Should be plenty of rodholders!

“ The front ring.” The spacious bow has enough room to set up camp. For gaffing purposes, you can get a good angle and reach onto fish near the bow from those benches. The in-deck fish boxes have been a more popular option, but coffin boxes are also an option from Pursuit. The 4 insulated in-deck fish boxes, with dedicated macerators, do allow for a lot of room to dance on the deck, though the coffin box allows more room for ice.

Of course, BIG fish boxesÂ…4 of them!

Hard top offers complete sun protection and total ventilation, with an optional, complete helm enclosure system for protection in inclement and cold weather. Plus, its color-coded bottom minimizes the sunÂ’s reflection on anglersÂ’ eyes and bodies.

The 55 gallon livewell has a dedicated recirculating pump and can be pressurized to stabilize bait and of course, also aerated. Its walls are colored with a blue that calms the baits, according to results of a Pursuit-sanctioned study. It is also double-gasket sealed to prevent overflow in rough conditions.

The C 340 also has conveniences built right in, too many to mention them all, but a few are:

Overhead console dry storage for charts and valuables.

Tackle storage like crazy.

All cushions are removable for outside boat storage and for cleaning. All the upholstery has been redone on all PursuitÂ’s models for the Â’08 year.

Cell phone rack: holds five phones. Smart touch! No more phones lost overboard!

No doubt, this C 340 is a brute, but a smart one that can race, fish and carry your team, crew or family in comfort. If you have never felt the power of a high-powered center console, try to get a ride on a C 340, and youÂ’ll never forget it.

The logo is distinctive and memorable. Their boats are as well.