Being CEO of a management consulting firm, father of three young children and working as well as living in Stockholm, the vibrant capital of Sweden, Linus understandably finds weekdays to be a tad exhausting. But, just by stepping onto his Pursuit S 280 Sport, his pulse rate plunges, he feels instantly relaxed and all his problems evaporate into the refreshing sea air. Not surprisingly, Linus always makes a point of getting ahead of the rush-hour traffic on Friday afternoons so he and his family can be on their way out to sea before dinner.

It’s a habit that’s hard to break. The whole family loves being at sea aboard our S 280, especially on a Friday evening after a hectic week. It’s the best and probably the fastest way to relax and we get a chance to catch up and talk about the week without any distractions like TV and video games, says Linus, owner of a Pursuit S 280 Sport, model year 2011.

Linus and his family stick religiously to their Friday evening boat routine virtually every weekend throughout the warm season, which starts around the beginning of May and ends sometime in October.

With the right clothes you can be boating for eight or nine months a year here where we live. From December to March, though, we can have ice covering our lakes and even the shorelines of the Baltic, sometimes the whole of the archipelago in fact.