But we prefer boating in the warm season, so I usually take the boat out of the water for winter storage in October and put her back in again around the beginning of May.


Cruise, Catch or Crusoe

With the S 280 anchored only a few minutes from their house, Linus and his wife, two daughters (aged 5 and 7) and son (aged 9) usually jump on board with a well-supplied picnic bag. The rest of the equipment, like the grill, blankets, life jackets, fishing and other water games gear, is permanently stowed on board in the S 280´s many ingenious and expansive compartments.

Linus usually steers the S 280 to one of a multitude of small sandy beaches or calm inshore bays, only a 20 to 30 minute boat-ride from home. There they can set up the grill and play, or just watch the sun setting while enjoying barbecued ribs or steak with perhaps some grilled marshmallows as dessert.

Sometimes we just cruise around Stockholm, enjoying the scenery. It’s really a beautiful city and you can access the city center, the Old Town and many other areas by boat. Quite often, we anchor and eat at one of the city’s delightful seafront restaurants, or head further out into the archipelago to the more rustic island restaurants where they serve locally produced food.



When the sea is calm, the bay is quiet and the fish seem eager for them to bring out their fishing gear. Every now and then they get what is regarded as a big catch in the waters around Stockholm, like pike, trout, pike, perch and cod. But mostly, they get smaller fish like perch and herring.

On warm evenings we often make much longer excursions to the outer edge of the archipelago. Here we can always find an uninhabited island that we can lay claim to for the evening. Stockholm’s outer archipelago, with its barren and smoothly polished flat-rock islands, is unquestionably Sweden’s paradise.