We planned to go fishing out of Beaufort Inlet on a brand-new Pursuit C 280 Center Console in late July. Somehow, though, we couldn’t help but think about the fact that we were getting ready to navigate from a coastal city in the Southern Outer Banks where so many shipwrecks have occurred; it was a little eerie. It’s also recently confirmed that Blackbeard’s ship, Queen Anne’s Revenge, rests just outside the very inlet we run offshore from. Despite some of the ominous overtones, for a mariner, the area just has a real great feel to it and the people are pretty special as well. It seems like everywhere you turn, you can say, “Man, I really need to check that out,” or “Gosh! What an interesting piece of history; let’s spend some time with that on our next visit.”

Back to why we’re here, offshore fishing in a Pursuit. I have had some epic trips out of Beaufort inlet. The best would have to be catching a dozen gaffer-size dolphin in a couple of hours in mid-May, deciding we had enough meat to feed a Baptist picnic on an Easter Sunday, sliding just a little further offshore the weedline holding dolphin, putting the heavy gear out and within a few minutes hooking/releasing a 450-pound blue marlin. We picked ‘em up after that and made the 50-mile run home ‘cause we knew we had a couple of good hours or more of fish and boat cleaning before the day was over.