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American Made

We are proud to say our products and company are American-made. Throughout our history of hand-building boats, we have remained based in Ft. Pierce, Florida. This allows us to offer the highest level of craftsmanship, retain the greatest control over quality and create a source of pride for our customers. Not only is every Pursuit boat handmade in the USA, it is of the greatest quality in the world.



Episode 1

Lamination building process

We can’t show you all the thousands of man hours and materials that combine to make up each and every new Pursuit but our American Made series will give you a look underneath the luxury you see in person.

The detail will be delivered over the next year and starts with the lamination materials that go into building our hulls, deck and small parts. The first feature takes you from the polished and waxed molds, into the fiberglass and core cutting department to the application of those materials during the first stages of construction. We touch on why we do what we do and give you the inner workings of our build processes.


Episode 2

Structural Grid System



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