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Quality time spent on the water with family is priceless. The ocean breeze, the sparkle of the water and sound of laughter, and a lifetime of memories. Whether you use your boat for cruising, fishing or watersports - you have the opportunity to enjoy your Pursuit and choose your own destination. Maybe you are a new owner or have had your Pursuit(s) for decades – either way we are happy to have you as part of the Pursuit family.


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Congratulations to the winner of our


online contest!

I am a new boater and everyone loves my story.
I am the owner of a DC 246 Pursuit, first boat.

A woman at the helm of the Pursuit DC 246 Dual Console.

My husband and I bought a cottage in Linekin Bay, Boothbay Maine last year. We have a hundred foot peer and I could not imagine not having a boat at the end of the peer. So began my quest for a boat. Mind you, we are not boaters, but we love wildlife and outdoors.

So we take a ride to the Boat show in Portland Maine, very first look at boats. I had every intention of buying a boat, my husband was not so determined. We had no knowledge of the different boats out there or anything related to boating – seriously, when I think back, very impulsive but the best decision I have made in my entire life.

My realtor, Michael, told me that Yarmouth Boat Yard was really good and a great place to start – guess what, they were there with Pursuits. I love the look, the explanation, the sleek appearance – for me, that was what I loved. When I was on it, in it and looking at the layout, I loved everything about it. The salesman was very helpful. It was obvious that we didn’t know anything and he was patient and thorough, but then he sealed the deal:

Pursuit will send you to school and get you safe and prepared to accept this boat. I love school and loved the idea that I could get the necessary information to be a safe and proficient boater.

Sold, deposit made and boat delivered June, 2023. I never questioned the decision, not once.

We took the Chapman school of seamanship, compliments of Pursuit and have even completed the intermediate class with another schedule for next winter, to learn the handling of a Pursuit with more than one motor. Captain Mike has been amazing, we have successfully accomplished so many boating skills and feel wonderful on the water. Docking has been a challenge and the intermediate class has brought me to a new level. I love being a woman driving the boat and navigating complex waterways.

Crazy enough, I love to clean the boat after a day on the water, this reinforces all the pre and post boating safety checks.

My decision to purchase a Pursuit and attend the Chapman school of Seamanship has enhanced my life beyond the imagination. At 67 years young, this has opened up life in ways I never imagined. Boating and the people who boat are an amazing group of loving, helpful and happy people. Everyone in the area knows us by our Pursuit, and we are learning the boating world. We put 67 hours the first season on our boat and we are only weekend boaters. I have spent the winter planning new adventures with great people and continuing to learn and grow in boating.

My husband and I have tackled this together and enjoy every moment we have together and on the boat. My son is also learning boating skills and will attend Chapman with us next winter.

My Pursuit has become my “baby”. The enjoyment is far reaching and has brought me back to unimaginable joy, great friends and new adventures. The education at Chapman was key to the enjoyment.

Thank you Pursuit for a beautiful boat, a comprehensive seamanship class and great people.

Contest Winner - Karen

Woman at the helm running a Pursuit S 248 Center Console Sport Boat. Text over graphic WOMEN TAKE THE HELM.

Dear Pursuit Boats' female captains and all the women at the helm!
We're eager to hear about your unforgettable experiences and achievements on the water, and would love to feature your stories on our Owners’ page, allowing others to read and enjoy them.

Montage of images from Pursuit’s EXPLORE publication.

Special publication by Pursuit for Pursuit.


Happy family aboard their Pursuit S 428

Join us as we share Owner stories, Pursuit insights, tips and more.

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Sunrise view of DC 326

We’ve compiled a list of routine maintenance tips to keep your Pursuit in top form.

Photo collage of Pursuit boats and owners at Rendezvous in Abaco

July 7 – 12, 2024

We are excited to announce we will host our 2024 Rendezvous in Bimini, Bahamas!

Space is limited so please register soon.




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Three fishermen are on the dock near Pursuit DC 295 with their fresh catch of bluefish tuna.


“We left at 1 p.m. on a warm, sunny afternoon in April out of Barnegat Inlet, NJ, to look for a giant bluefin, knowing the season would be closed soon. We hooked up around 3:30 p.m., around 7 miles from land, and battled the fish for 90 minutes. We raced back to the dock after dragging the fish for 30 minutes to cool down its temperature. We were home by 7 p.m.”

Stanley Watts

Two ladies enjoy a breathtaking sunset while steering the Pursuit C 238 Center Console.


“Captain Ellen and First Mate Becky are enjoying the evening ride on Lake Erie in their C 238 Pursuit.”

Michael Bohling

A man holding a fish at the aft of the Pursuit OS 385 Offshore.


“Seize the day and embrace the wonders of the great outdoors!”

Earl Ehret

A man sits at the helm with his mini dachshund at the companion seat.


“Everybody loves Pursuit Boats and a mini-Dachshund named Benny :)
Life’s good on the all-new 2024 Pursuit S 268.”

Spencer Dingman

Five men are standing at the Pursuit Boat's bow, celebrating their tournament victory and displaying three prize cups.


“Our team won first place in the Monaco Tournament 2023. We secured first place for both the tagging team and the junior team category.”

Julien Hugues / Team Watanga

A man is holding a heavy fish on the aft of a Pursuit Boat.


“The Finer Life.”

Gavin Meyers

A boxer dog is standing on the companion seat of the Pursuit S 328 as it cruises through Clearwater Beach.


“This was Mabel’s first real day on the water. We cruised all around Clearwater Beach, Florida, stopped at a public dock to stretch our legs and then back on the boat to anchor in a small bay and enjoyed some lunch.
Three hours of sun and fresh air wore them out. Just one more reason we love our Pursuit!”

Bryan Leist

Two men and a girl aboard their Pursuit Boat, 2870 Offshore. Each person is holding a large striped bass.


“We were targeting winter migratory striped bass in Ocean City, Maryland. We had 4 of us total, and we went out of the Ocean City inlet, traveling north up to Bethany Beach, Delaware. We’ve boated 50+ fish since the new year. My dad is captain, I am a mate, and we had two others on board. As soon as we exited the inlet, we were covered in birds and hooked up the whole time, trolling and jigging. After reaching our 4-man limit, we cooked the fish, baking them in a parmesan crust!”

Haley Vest

The bride and groom are getting on board their Pursuit Boat.


“A few of our favorite moments from 9.30.23.”

Abby & Greg Wohlfort

A crew of seven men is fishing on the Pursuit S 428 Sport.


“When tournament time comes it’s just a different feeling.”

Happy Hour Fishing Team, El Salvador

A happy family poses on the bow of a Pursuit Boat.


“If Pursuit was a language, it’s meaning would be “family”!
I can’t say we do much fishing these days but we pack in the fun in other ways. Someone once asked how I would compare our old 235DC to a car maker but I didn’t have an answer. After trading it in and getting the 355OS, I realized we had owned a really well made luxury sedan like a Mercedes C class. Today we own a the equivalent of a Sprinter van…just waaaaay cooler and waaaaay more fun!
Best part is, the adventures are just beginning!”

Contest Winner - Bryan Zak

A couple in clear waters with a Pursuit Boat in the background.


“Beautiful day at Honeymoon Cay! Swam with stingrays and nurse sharks. We traveled to Bimini from our home in key largo. We love staying on our boat because it’s so comfortable. Our boat is our third home. When we bought our boat, I never thought I would enjoy staying in the boat since I love nice hotel rooms and baths. Can’t wait to see the 40’!”

Luli Lourdes Hanimian

A family plays in front of a Pursuit S 428 Sport Center Console.


“My favorite thing about the 428 is I can head out with the some of the kids at sunrise in the keys and slay fish with blood all over the boat and by the time we pick up with rest of the family at lunch time we can convert it to the ultimate sandbar boat and make lifelong family memories.”

Ben Nielsen

Women and girls on the transom of a Pursuit Boat with Yamaha engines.


“Spending time with my family on my Pursuit Boat has been a wonderful opportunity for family time.”

Susan Anyan Collins

A woman pumps as she fishes aboard her Pursuit boat.


“A pumping mama’s gotta do what a pumping mama’s gotta do! Even when you’re 30 miles offshore fishing We spend much of our free time fishing and scuba diving, so pumping has been something I’ve had to adapt to in our active lifestyle, no matter the location. More to come about our challenging breastfeeding journey, the pump(s) & flanges I recommend, and tips & tricks I’ve learned along this wild ride!”


A Pursuit boat runs toward us with a man on the bow.


“Summer vibes”


A woman holds a tuna she caught aboard a Pursuit Boat.


“The overnight trip was a success!”

Madison Meyers

Two men show off their fish they caught on a Pursuit Boat.


“Kickin’ it with family. The top water action was entertaining.”


A boy sits on Grandfather’s lap so he can captain a Pursuit Boat.


“The captain and co-captain!”

Hector Nater

A group of friends and family poses aboard a Pursuit Boat rigged for fishing.


“Enjoying our trip to Chub and Marsh Harbor”

Greg Rosica

Two boys lay on the bow of a Pursuit Boat.


“Another exciting day in paradise! Fiddle Cay raft up followed by No Name Cay feeding the pigs and a few beverages. So much fun with sunshine, teal waters and friends.”

Tolunays Family

A family shows of a fish they caught on a Pursuit Boat.


“Family snapper trip! 7 kids plus wife and no one was fed to sharks.”

Ryan Hemelt

A running shot of a Pursuit boat driving toward the sunset.


“Chasing the sunrise.”


Three men laugh and play with their catch aboard their Pursuit Boat.


“Great time with the crew! Avoided storms a majority of the day, but still filled up the cooler with quality fish.”


Three women each hold a fish they caught aboard a Pursuit Boat with twin Yamaha engines.


“Great day for the ladies tournament. Fished on the pro side for it and finished 7th!! Days like today are why we love our Pursuit.”


A Center Console Pursuit boat anchored in clear waters.


“I am a yacht captain that has a 288 Sport as a tender to a Y85 Princess. We’ve put 800 hours on our Pursuit in the last 2 years and we’ve loved it. We’ve dragged it all across the Bahamas and caught a ton of fish and has been super reliable.”

Jerry McMillen

A woman poses at the helm of a Pursuit Boat.


“Started with crazy hair. Ended with dolphins!”

Katherine Robinson

A woman and her dog on a Dual Console Pursuit Boat.


“Titan would not take no for an answer when we walked out the house to the boat. We could hear him barking in a way that let us know he was upset. Of course we about faced and brought him along. He loves it! Maybe tomorrow I can attempt to get some alone time with my mermaid.”

Chris McKinley

 A woman at the helm of her Pursuit Boat.


“The lady and I took a much-needed Friday off for some aquatic adulting! Continued thanks to @pursuitboats for allowing us to do it all in style and comfort!”

Chris McKinley

A man on an OS 385 Pursuit boat holds two large striped bass.


“I love fishing!! The early mornings, leaving the dock at 2am, spending hours on the water waiting for that right bite, the sunrises, sunsets and everything in between. Catching fish, releasing the ones we have too, It’s all worth it!! Good times, good friends, good memories!! None of this would be possible without my @pursuitboats OS385, she’s a beast, and always gets the job done!”

Brandon Weitz

Father and son play in water behind a Pursuit Boat with tower.


“Love Boating with Family and Friends!”

Contest Winner - Matt Gruskin

A girl shows off a striped bass aboard a Pursuit Boat.


“Fishing makes me happy!
My daughter Ellie’s largest striped bass to date. Caught off Huntington, NY.”

Contest Winner - Keith Almstrom

Woman lounges on sunpad on a Pursuit Boat.


“one with the wind - cruising lifestyle.
Nothing says “Good Morning” better than the new sunshine of the day! No Filters Needed.”

Contest Winner - Leylani Rubio

Man relaxes at helm of an OS 385 Pursuit Boat.


“On the way home from the tuna grounds. 15 hours on the ocean takes a lot out of you. Flat oceans call for a great ride home. Nice to kick back, boat in autopilot, radar on, and fish in the box. We went 9/10 on yellowfin tuna up to 70 pounds! Another trip in the books!”

Brandon Weitz

A Pursuit Boat with Yamaha Engines in the water.


“Our annual vacation at the Keys. My family and I enjoy spending time on our Pursuit 2870 CC.”

Kris Fleming

Father and sons with a large tuna on a Pursuit Boat.


“What an amazing 4th of July week with my kids. We got out for our first two fishing trips of the year and A & B were able to catch their first two bluefin tuna. Nothing is better than sitting up top looking at the ocean with them all day.”

Brett Weinberg

A Pursuit Boat anchored at Sandbar.


“Sunday Funday with family!”

Jen Sasse

Happy friends having fun on a Pursuit Boat.


“Great weekend with family!”

Mike Doyle

A grandfather and young grandson playing on a Pursuit Boat.


“Boating with my grandpa In Siesta Key.”

Trista Bourdeau Kolcz

Happy couple gets engaged on a center console Pursuit Boat.


“Blessed to have the boat that we do and the people we know to share it with. From sunsets on the Chesapeake Bay, fishing the Atlantic Ocean, to my favorite memory so far - our engagement! Our Pursuit has made every moment so much more!”

Katie Bennett

Man holds tuna caught on a S 288 Pursuit Boat.


“We took our S 288 Pursuit out for the first time on the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Ocean City, MD. We saw dolphins at sunrise, a whale that followed close to us, caught 2 Mahi and 2 yellowfin tuna within minutes of each other! First trip out on the ocean was a success!”

Brad Robinson

Three boys hold a tuna caught on a Pursuit Boat.


“Tuna day!”

Matt Malloy

The Sun rises on a Pursuit OS 385.


“Sunrises on the Pursuit OS 385.”

Jake Turner

A group of friends and family aboard a Pursuit Boat rigged for fishing.


“Family + friends + beautiful Pursuit Boats = Happiness”

Jurgen Hess

Five Captains relaxing in water in front of a Pursuit Boat.


“Five captains...one passion.”

Jurgen Hess

Entertaining and cruising with friends on a Pursuit S 378.


“Easter morning post-brunch cruise with family and friends.”

Emily King

Smiling girl sits on bow of a Pursuit S 378 in Bimini, Bahamas.


“The first trip to Bimini, had Sapona all to ourselves for 4 hours of snorkeling with sea turtles!”

Emily King

Father watches as daughter takes the helm of a Pursuit S 378.


“Learning to drive. The fold-down step is key for junior captains!”

Mark King

Three generations happily cruise aboard a Pursuit Boat.


“Walters Family 3 Generations. My Dad, Brother and I took my nephew for his first boat ride on the Pursuit. We’ve had the boat for 22 years and to have 3 generations out there and have fun was very special. Looking forward to continuing this.”

A.J. Walters

Woman cruising on a Pursuit Boat as sun sets.


“This was one of the best weekends Lilly and I have had on the Pursuit. We got married two weeks ago and spent the day cruising around CT meeting friends and family along the way. It was an amazing cruise home during sunset.”

A.J. Walters

Pursuit Boat rigged for fishing.


“When I go out to fish, I really like to see the sunrise and see the sea because it is so beautiful and always different, and every time I feel the same sensation of how imposing the sea is. In truth, Pursuit Boats are the best there is.  Here in Tampico, everyone loves my boat.”

Eduardo Rasmusson

Happy woman holds fish on Pursuit 2470 walk around.


“Another awesome day fishing in paradise!
Our Pursuit 2470 walk around have been the perfect boat for taking our guests fishing for the last 15 years. We guide hundreds of guests fishing on our Pursuit Boat every year!”

Dean Kendall

Family fishing trip on a Pursuit Boat.


“Good weekend chasing bass and sharks.”

Tyler Branson

A woman and dog on a Pursuit Boat in Bermuda.


“Bermuda Triangle”

A.C. Feldman

Shark Fishing on a Pursuit Boat.


“Stellwagen Bank Shark Fishing.”

Christopher Castagna

Aerial shot of a S 428 Pursuit Boat cruising.


“Being a breast cancer survivor, I never miss the opportunity to enjoy quality time cruising off the coast of Pensacola with my husband. It is the little moments like this that make my life complete.”

Christine Cratty Strange

Couple cruises on a C 180 Pursuit Boat.


“We love our 2013 Pursuit C 180!
We moved from Ohio to Florida 10 years ago. Started looking for a boat right away, and friends steered us towards Pursuit. When we found one of the last C180’s built, we new we found the right boat for us. Cruising the ICW/channel ways, tiki-hopping, or just cruising off the Gulf coast beaches, we’re always having fun. Thanks for building such a great boat!”

Bill Louwers

Three people hold tuna caught aboard an OS 355 Pursuit Boat.


“My son KC’s first yellowfin tuna. He jigged it up south of Montauk NY on 8/13 on our 2019 OS 355.”

Keith Almstrom

Woman aboard a S 280 Pursuit Boat at sunset.


“Saturday well spent on our S 280.”

Topher Tortolani

Father and land a Striped Bass om a Pursuit Denali 2860.


“I like to head out fishing with the boys early in the morning and meet up with my wife and kids for lunch time after. On this day I decided to work the lines with my son on the way to grab lunch, and it didn't take long for us to hook up and land this 46" beast of a Striped Bass. I love making memories that last a lifetime with my Pursuit Denali 2860. Thanks Pursuit!”

Dom Sciarretta

Father and 14-month-old son on their Pursuit S 328.


“Our 14-month-old Logan, on our Pursuit S 328. He’s been a boating boy since 3 weeks old and loves every moment of it! He is the boat captain and we’re just happy to tag along!”

Ana Williams

Fishing on a S 328 Pursuit Boat.


“Fishing on the S 328. Always enough room.”

Kyle Fisher

A view of a 2022 S 358 Pursuit with twin Yamaha engines.


“Our maiden voyage from Sarasota Fl to Key West in our new 2022 S 358 Pursuit. Our second new Pursuit Boat. Absolutely love it.”

Mike Mullins

Woman holds Florida Lobster in her mouth in front of her Pursuit Boat.


“Keys Things.”

Cory Smith

People enjoying an evening cruise on their Pursuit with their dog.


“Evening cruise.”

Steve Campbell

Father and son smiling on a Pursuit Boat.


Ethan John

Family picnic aboard a Pursuit Boat at anchor.


“Cranberry Island picnics make me happy!”

Doug Compton

A family heads to Block Island on their Pursuit Boat.


“Took a ride out to Block Island. Had some beautiful weather and got to show the boys more of the island. Beautiful place.”

Gregory Stroh

View of seating and hardtop of an owner’s Pursuit Boat


“The Pursuit of happiness.”

Julian Maiorano

Happy man at the helm of a Pursuit Boat.


“We celebrate the month of happiness.”

Kemal Tolunay

Showing off fish caught in the Dry Tortugas on a 2021 OS 385 Pursuit.


“Dry Tortugas trip on our 2021 OS 385.”

Guido Chibas

Three teenagers hold a tuna they caught on their Pursuit Boat.


“My virgin tuna crew of teenagers managed to put fish in the box and give us plenty of laughs. Also, excellent job by the captain. He's my dad and although I taught him everything, he knows about fishing he is one hell of a skipper and fishing partner. He's going on 80 and never missed a beat. Up from 3:30 am and still drove home to the Cape after 14 hours of being on the water. Looking forward to more days like this with him and the teenage crew.”

Geoffrey P Mongeon

A 1988 model Pursuit cruising in the sunset.


“My 1988 Pursuit still going strong!”

Cole Whitmore

Fishing poles in rod holders on a Pursuit Boat.


“Monaco Tagging Tournament”

Julien Hugues

A rainbow stretches over an S 328 Pursuit Boat.


“This was the day after my wedding. We all went out to celebrate on our S328. A memory that will last a lifetime.
Back home safe and clean under the rainbow.”

Alex Acunzo

A Pursuit S 428 with the Blue Angles flying overhead.


“We own our first Pursuit Sport 428 2022 boat and love it!!!
We are avid boaters. Have always owned large boats of another brand. But, our son has become very good as being captain of the boat so we switched to a sporty fishing boat. Pursuit was our #1 choice.
Put simply, we are always in search of a “Strange Pursuit”. Just like our boat name, every time we take the boat out of the canal behind our beach home - we are headed towards an adventure.
Our boat is; a hobby, a passion, a lifestyle and how our family stays connected.

We love our “Strange Pursuit”. (You can see the Blue Angels were flying during these photos).”

Christine Strange

Teaching kids to drive and fish on a Pursuit C 238.


“Teaching our 5 year old to fish. His biggest complaint were the fish were too big to reel in! Taken in Pensacola Bay, FL.

We love our Pursuit C 238 and take many family trips with our two kids. Our daughter always wants to steer and usually sits on my lap. This trip, we let her steer by herself for a short ride from the marina in Pensacola, FL, which made her entire day!”

Scott Eddy

Owners of an S 288 show off a red snapper they caught.


“Loving the new S 288!!!
Our Maiden voyage was out of Mexico Beach, FL.
Caught loads of Red Snapper, our limit of Red Grouper and some short AJ's. Also had a keeper Cobia. Threw back several nice Gags. We love the boat and all the features. Our Pursuit is the S 288.
Looking forward to many limits and enjoyment of the new rig!”

Skylar Stahlmann Smith

A Pursuit Boat C 310 docked in a safe harbor.


“Thanks very much for the opportunity to submit photos for the Pursuit adventures contest! I took our C 310 From Wilmington North Carolina around to Elbow Cay Bahamas.  She performed flawlessly took about 19 days and covered nearly 2,000 miles.”

James and Kristin McCarthy

A yellow Pursuit Boat with tower in clear shimmering waters.


“We absolutely love our boat…”Pilar”. We purchased her in Sarasota and took her to Crystal River and spent the night then went to Apalachicola, Panama City then home to Gulf Breeze (Pensacola area). I can’t tell you how many compliments we’ve had on her.”

C. Linne’ Carlson, Jr.

Men fight to reel in a fish aboard a DC 295 Pursuit Boat.


“We are an offshore fishing crew that competes in tuna tournaments in the NJ area on my 295 DC. We also film a YouTube channel called Gone Fishin’ USA. When I was looking for a new fishing boat I had an unconventional list of priorities that lead me away from traditional brands like Contender and into a Pursuit. My boat needed to be fast but comfortable, stable in worse than ideal seas and as fishable as it is useful at the sandbar. We get lots of stray looks 100+ miles offshore in the Nj canyons, however the past three seasons have paved our spot and we are now a highly recognized boat who is welcomed by even the most crusty captain. We have spent many overnight trips and countless sunrises in the Chieftain and look forward to many more.”

Nathan Bernhard

Pursuit Boat docked near Florida palm trees.


“I Belong Where Palm Trees Grow”

Leylani Rubio

Women fish from a Pursuit Boat in Sag Harbor.


Sag harbor, NY

Men show off their catch of steelhead from their Pursuit Boat.


“Labor Day Weekend with the family as they watched the sunset over Sandusky Bay.
Headed out of Put In Bay after another enjoyable weekend.
Good catch of steelhead on Pursuit if Freedom...”

Rob Maring

A Pursuit Boat running home passing the Marblehead Lighthouse on Lake Erie.


“This was running home from the Catawba Island boat show passing the Marblehead light on Lake Erie.”

Jonathan Mack

A man and his dog enjoy a ride on their beautiful Pursuit Boat.


John Caruso

Pursuit Owner wearing Pursuit gear.


“It was a calm November Sunday morning and I headed down to the boat to finish taking things off for Winter. It was such a nice day, I thought “why am I sitting in here when I could be out there? I bet my family would love some pizza”. So I made the 19 mile jaunt over to Provincetown and picked up our favorite pies from Twisted Pizza.
That day was made just for me and my Pursuit!”

Tim Sherry

A Pursuit Boat cruises through tranquil waters at sunset.


“Intracoastal Cruising ~ Hampstead, NC”

Tyler & ReBecca Poole

Two men on a Pursuit Boat hold a fish before releasing it.


“This guy put in the time to catch and release this beautiful fish. Spent 6 hours yesterday and had nothing to show for it. Thanks to a hot tip from @cjb_fishing_longisland and some borrowed rigs from @schismi we got right on the fish today. Nonstop action all morning.”

Richard Schiff

A crew aboard a Pursuit OS 385 in open ocean fishing.


“2012 Pursuit OS 385. We bought her brand new in 2012. We have just about 1700 hours on her. Doing full Garmin electronics upgrade right now, she’s good for another 10 years. This boat truly is amazing, I can fish early and late season with the enclosed helm and heat, and a/c during the summer. I love being the captain of this boat, I have my captains license but don’t charter the boat. Enjoy the pics!

Jigging bluefin tuna.
Once the bluefin show up here in the northeast off Long Island, the bite heats up really quick. Trolling, jigging, popping, so many ways to catch them. This picture is from July 2021, Here we are on my 2012 pursuit OS 385 about 60 miles offshore jigging bluefin on the tuna grounds. Always getting the job done.”

Brandon Weitz

A Pursuit Boat pulls up to Tybee Island at low tide.


“Little Tybee Island at low tide turns Into a beach paradise!”

Blake Meeks

A woman paddleboards near a Pursuit S 288 in clear waters of the Gulf.


“Naples to Key West Across the Gulf to Key West in a Pursuit S 288. The perfect all around do it all boat!”

Blake Meeks

Side view a man fishing off a 1995 Pursuit Boat wearing camo.


“1995 hull still looks good. We fish all year round.
We drove all the way to Florida to pick up the boat from Vancouver Island.
We then put 2 brand new 150 hp outboards on.
The ride of this boat is second to none. The hull built in 1995 still turns heads.
My youngest son loves fishing and loves this boat.”

Bernie Cordukes

A Pursuit Boat with lights aglow in the Florida Keys.


“Florida Keys, January of 2022
Spent four weeks on the water hanging out, fishing, and relaxing on the water. Typically, we keep our boat in Grand Haven, Michigan, but we pull it down to Florida in the winters! With everything aluminum or stainless, there’s no rust and no problems.”

Hayden Latham

Man holds a freshwater trout, and a woman with her dog on a S 288 Pursuit Boat.


“Freshwater salmon, lake trout, and lounging with our dog Rosie in our new 2021 S 288 in Grand Traverse Bay on Lake Michigan last summer. Great family adventures on a very versatile boat.”

Rod Bosma

A smiling couple at the helm of a Pursuit Boat.


“Great trip to Useppa… creating Pure Pursuit moments...”

Steve Biegacki

A dolphin and a butterfly play in the wake of a Pursuit S 268.


“First week out on my S 268.
I knew I had made the right choice of buying a new Pursuit boat.
On the first boating trip out we had a dolphin follow us in the channel and jumped around 10 times behind us. As you can see a butterfly really enjoyed the show.
Then offshore a few days later. Caught a really nice kingfish and had a yellow breasted bird ride on the boat for a few miles with us.
What a great new boat experience. In PURSUIT for sure!!!!!”

Hal Bock

Photo of group of friends on Pursuit


“Christmas Celebration sunset on the bay with friends and of course our DC326 makes it all possible. Just aim her at the sunset hit Drift Point on Helm MasterEX and turn on Bing Crosby!!”

Charlie and Pixie Hoffner and their closest friends enjoying a sunset Christmas cruise on their DC 326

Photo of man on dock holding a fish


“Pursuit Offshore 325 Owner Artie DeMichael caught two Bluefin Tunas last month in the Same Spot - Five miles off the beach in Long Island, NY. Both weighed in at about 300lbs and were 70” and 72” respectively. Now that’s a catch!”

Artie DeMichael

Photo of man holding baby on boat


“Baby Jameson’s first boat adventure Jameson loved his first day on this Pursuit DC 326. A four hour trip with a 90 minute break for lunch at a local waterfront restaurant. He was only nine weeks old for his maiden voyage. He loved it. Not one whimper. A future Pursuit owner indeed!”


Photo of 3 people on docked boat


“Wonder Days enjoying our new Pursuit DC266.”

Stuart B. Chandler

Sunset photo on boat


“My wife and I have lived in Kailua for almost four years and love it here in Hawaii! We have taken our adventures to another level with our 2014 Pursuit 345 Offshore! We purchased our boat last year and have enjoyed the new memories with our friends and those early sunrises on early morning fishing trips! We definitely have to give credit to our friends (particularly Bill Andras) that have taken photos with their phones to capture such great scenery here on the islands! A big mahalo to those friends for all the help along the way and to Pursuit for making such a beautiful boat!”

Photo Contest grand prize winner!
- Douglas Holke

Whale breaching in front of Pursuit boat


“Whales jumping off Bermuda!”

Photo Contest runner up
- Doug Patterson

A serine image of a dual console Pursuit Boat anchored in Maine.


“Photo was taken off Round Island on the north side of Swans, Maine, near Swans Island and the Casco Passage.”

Photo Contest runner up
- Douglass Compton

A Pursuit moves through the gray waters under heavy clouds of an approaching storm.


“Gulf of Mexico out of Orange Beach, AL., Chasing Storms”

Photo Contest runner up
- Brad Layton

Action shot of people on Pursuit boat driving through water in front of mountains


“Greetings from Nicaragua!!!
This is my 2004 3070 offshore express”

Photo Contest runner up
- Dolce Vita

A Pursuit Boat OS 385 arrives in Mamaroneck, NY.


“I had the shakedown cruise experience of the century and I want to share what I learned. I recognize most of you are seasoned Captains and very experienced, so I apologize for reiterating some of the basics to you guys. I was scheduled to pick up my 2018 Pursuit 385 dealer demo on April 20, 2019 in Mattituck, NY and take it to Mamaroneck, NY. However since there was a gale warning that day, the Delivery Team strongly advised against it.” Read full story

Nelson E. Canter

A center console Pursuit Boat at a sandbar in South Florida.


“We use the boat all around the Fort Lauderdale area. Fishing, sightseeing, sandbars and dock and dines. We use it for just about everything. It really is the SUV we need for the area we live. My favorite is the near nightly sunset cruise anytime the weather is favorable - a great way to wind down a home office pandemic day!”

Chris Nelson

Photo of man holding a fish


“Targeting Red Snapper in 90 feet of water out of the Sebastian Inlet with my father and some friends on their 3070 Offshore, 3-4 foot swells typically would mean a rough day on the water. In three hours of fishing, we pulled nearly 100 Red Snapper off a patch of rocky bottom, ranging from under-slot schoolies to 32” studs. Of course we only kept what was allotted.”

Daniel Colbert

Close up of S325 Pursuit logo


“Always enjoy being on the water but nothing is better than greeting the sun as it comes up on the horizon. With my entire crew, Alan Mavretish, Matt Fedak and Cory Hedlund. Each who has attempted to capture the moment. This view gets the hull of the OS325 (Pursuit of Freedom)”

Robert Maring

Man and woman on beach


“Our growing family uses our C180 almost everyday here in Milwaukee.
We got engaged on this beach and continue to make boating part of our family tradition!”

Rob and Heidi Curran

Pursuit contest winners on boat


"This is our new-to-us '14 385 OS. We loved it so much, we had the shirts made before we owned the boat! This was the send-off cruise before I took her 120 miles offshore to Veatch Canyon for 6 yellowfin, 1 albacore and 1 white marlin. What a fantastic trip, can't wait for the next adventure!"

Tim Sherry

Pursuit contest winners on boat


#PBTraditions fishing with the boys...double hook up. Front side Catalina Island on the Pursuit 3000 Express."

Rob Frizzelle

Photo of Pursuit contest winners


“I cannot share my Pursuit Boat traditions because my boyfriend Chris and I just accomplished our goal of buying our Pursuit OS325 on August 14, 2020. What I can share is my excitement to make many memories, traditions and adventures on our boat with our family and friends. We are so blessed to become owners of such a beautiful boat."

Misty Bartlett



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