Pursuit Boats - Rendevous
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Arial photo of Island in Abaco Bahamas with Pursuit boats and owners gathered during Pursuit annual Rendezvous.


The Abacos is an exceptional destination for boating enthusiasts, offering breathtaking beaches, crystal-clear waters ideal for snorkeling and diving, and impressive fishing opportunities. Our journey began on Sunday, July 16, departing from Ft. Pierce, FL, and arriving at the Abaco Resort on Monday, July 17.

We enjoyed various activities during our trip, from exploring the beautiful Bahamian islands to joining our valued guests for sunset dinners and early seminars. We had a wonderful time connecting with our owners and guests, and we are eagerly anticipating next year's rendezvous and the new and exciting Pursuit adventures it will bring.



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Please contact Chelsea Michael at Cmichael@pursuitboats.com or Becky Check at Beckyc@pursuitboats.com.

See you next year!