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Chapman School of Seamanship


Learn the art of boating with a custom Chapman School of Seamanship course, compliments of Pursuit Boats.



Confidence on the Water:
Women Take the Helm

Discover how a group of female Pursuit Boat owners challenge stereotypes by taking the helm after completing our Confidence on the Water course with Chapman School of Seamanship.


Boat with Confidence

The Confidence on the Water Course, sponsored by Pursuit Boats, is available to you and three additional crew members, with the purchase of a model year 2023 or 2024 Pursuit boat. There is something for everyone to learn, no matter your level of skill on the water.

We developed this innovative experience because safety and boat handling are essential, and we want your entire crew – whether it be family or friends - to feel comfortable boating for years to come. It’s never too early to learn about boating, in fact, children as young as 10 years old can participate in the classes.

This specially designed two-day module—the first of its kind in the industry—was custom-created for Pursuit owners in partnership with the Chapman School of Seamanship, a world-renowned facility for boater education. The course features six hours of classroom instruction and six hours of on-the-water/at-the-helm training. It covers waterway rules, boating safety, docking and boat handling instruction, all aboard a Pursuit Boat—a twin-engine S 288 Sport.

In total, this opportunity is valued at $1,800, but the knowledge gained is priceless. No other boat manufacturer offers this critical safety initiative, and even seasoned boaters say they have learned valuable lessons from the Chapman School instructors.

Learn from the Best

The Chapman School of Seamanship is located in Stuart, Florida, with a history reaching back over 50 years. It was originally founded by Charles F. Chapman and Glen D. Castle to give troubled young men the ability to redeem themselves by learning the trades of the sea. It has evolved to offer both recreational and commercial courses and, to date, they have trained over 20,000 students.

How do I Sign Up?

To schedule your training, simply reach out directly at (772) 283-8130, or email info@chapman.org. Proof of purchase will be required.

Confidence on the Water Course classes are typically scheduled on the first and third weekends of every month, however exceptions may be made to fit your schedule.



For more information, visit chapman.org.