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What does Pure. Pursuit. mean to us?
It means each and every one of our boats are engineered to yacht quality standards.


These truths unite in the Pursuit Trifecta of Ownership:




Unrelenting Performance

When you’re aboard a Pursuit, you’ll feel the difference that our holistic engineering approach makes. With each and every Pursuit, the boat and propulsion system are meticulously designed together for optimal performance in ride and handling. The distinctive hull design—coupled with disciplined and ever-innovative manufacturing—provides the perfect balance of power and agility for an experience that is purely Pursuit. Your confidence is further bolstered by timeless designs, superior transferable warranties and resale values among the highest in the industry.

Profile view of white S 268 Sport boat cruising right with fishing rods.
Aerial overhead rear view of Gulf Stream Blue S 428 Sport center console boat running right with quad Yamaha outboard engines and oversized hardtop.
Aerial front one quarter view of white Pursuit OS 355 Offshore cabin cruiser.
Built with Integrity

Pursuit’s commitment to integrity shines through every inch of our craftsmanship. From the strength of our hulls’ resin-infused fiberglass grid system to the custom-made components we choose to build ourselves, the Pursuit quality is unmistakable. Each model is grounded in what the most discerning customers expect, guided by the expertise and passion of Pursuit’s naval architects and marine professionals, dealer partners and experienced owners. The Pursuit brand is an immense source of pride for our family of employees, including the gratification of being designed, developed and manufactured in the USA.

Pursuit workers show in the lamination building process of a Pursuit Hull.
Draft drawling of a Pursuit boat Helm in the concept process.
Pursuit Hull mold before lamination process.
Refinement Beyond Compare

With exquisite attention to aesthetic detail and ergonomic design, every offering delivers the Pursuit commitment to uncompromised functionality and versatility. With intelligently designed helms and yacht quality execution, every detail matters. You’ll see this in our ultra-premium gel coat finish. You’ll feel it in the unprecedented comfort of our patented seating. You’ll delight in every element of Pursuit’s distinct, unrivaled style and excellence.

Detail view of port side hull window of S 428 Sport boat.
Detail view of S 428 Sport boat Helm with Garmin Electronics at night.
Sunset detail view of S 428 Pursuit Sport Center Console Boat.