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A Message From Our President

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The entire team is excited to embark on the 2024 model year as we continue to offer the most compelling product in the industry. Prepare to be impressed. I am. And not just by our boats, but by our people, processes and commitment to integrity. I take great pride in the depth of experience of the Pursuit team, the unrivaled history of the Pursuit brand and the efforts that go into ensuring you have a world-class customer experience and unparalleled support.

Our model line has never been stronger, and the team’s passion has never run deeper. It is this convergence of product and passion that continues to drive our team, fuel our operations and define Pursuit. Our ultimate goal is to create the best possible experience for you, your family and your friends on the water. We understand how special those experiences are and the lasting memories they create and feel privileged when anyone chooses Pursuit to play a role in that.

Every time we add a new model to the lineup, it exudes the Pursuit DNA. From striking lines, to rich feature content and strong performance, it is all refined into a package that is beyond compare. Even further, we strive to incorporate yacht quality standards, making each product truly special.

Behind every Pursuit is a team that remains focused on designing and building each model with craftsmanship, integrity and uncompromised functionality. Our dedicated craftspeople build every vessel with pride, leading to outstanding customer satisfaction. And that level of satisfaction is also due to the fact that our team is constantly innovating. We thrive on continuous refinement and our quest has recently led to the opening of a new, state-of-the-art tooling development center, which lies adjacent to our manufacturing facilities. This enables us to harness the latest technologies, have even more precise control of our tooling and to ultimately create better molds to produce our boats. The Pursuit campus is ever changing, growing and evolving as we strive to maintain our commitment to being made in the USA.

If you’re curious about our new boats, or any of our sixteen current models, make plans to attend an upcoming boat show, visit one of our dealers or hop on the website. We even offer plant tours for buyers who want to see how our boats are built. Whether you are setting out on a fishing trip, cruising over to your favorite spot for lunch or enjoying some time in the sun at the sandbar, we are certain that choosing Pursuit will exceed your expectations.

Don’t hesitate to come by and visit us at one of the shows, join us on our annual rendezvous or engage with us on social media. Memories on the water are out there and waiting to be forged, go out and make the most of it!


Best Regards,
Christopher Gratz
Christopher Gratz
President, Pursuit Boats