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These words describe what goes into the creation of every Pursuit boat. They are also synonymous with the Pursuit brand. Explore the videos below to learn more.



Bruce Thompson, President


Our passion begins with our people. We invite you to take a closer look at the pride and joy in our extended family of employees who build Pursuit boats every day as told by our president, Bruce Thompson.


Christopher Gratz, Director of Engineering


Pursuit might be most recognizable for their elegant appearance and high quality finishes, but innovation is the real hallmark of our boats. We invite you to join Christopher Gratz, Director of Engineering, to take a behind the scenes look at the ingenuity and drive that goes into the process of developing each new Pursuit boat.


Stu Sypolt, Customer Relations Group Leader


Pursuit is committed to the ‘circle of excellence’ that encompasses the innovative design, the passion for manufacturing and the customer’s experience both during and after their purchase. Join Stu Sypolt, Customer Relations Group Leader, along with a Pursuit owner and one of our factory authorized dealers to explore what it means to be part of the Pursuit family.